How to Use Online Press Releases to Promote Your Business

News Makes People Notice YouBusinesses already know that in order to keep their company’s name on the minds of their consumers, they must advertise. But what they may not realize is that certain types of advertising are considered more trustworthy by potential customers. For example, studies show that people believe that information about a company that is released as a news item is more trustworthy and credible than paid advertising.Given this fact, how can a business owner leverage this to generate more buzz about their company and bring in more new customers?The answer is to create a press release.Many successful businesses know from experience that creating a news release for your company is a great way to bring attention to your business, but knowing how to create the right one is even more important.But how do you create a press release that people will want to read?3 Tips to Help you Create Compelling Press ReleasesHere are a few tricks that you should know that will help make your press release more interesting and relevant to consumers:Remember that your release must be newsworthy. Emphasize something that is happening with your business that is interesting or useful to customers in your area. Examples of newsworthy events include store openings, new products or services, new staff members and promotions, community activities, awards, and financial news.
Be sure to include the location of your story as customers in the local market want to know what is happening near them. A release with a specific geographical location such as a town or city is more likely to show up on search engine results for local businesses — which is one of the results you want!
Include information that will help customers find you, such as your address, phone number, email, and especially your website URL. Not only does putting your website on your press release help customers find you, it also provides valuable links to your page that will improve your rankings with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.My Press Release is Written, Now What?After you have written a news release, it’s time to submit it for immediate publication. While you can’t guarantee that a certain service will publish it, understanding which ones to submit it to will improve your chances of having it published.Online News Release ServicesMany businesses become frustrated when their press releases are rejected or not published by traditional outlets, but thanks to the internet there are now more opportunities than ever to publish a news release that will be seen by potential local customers.You should submit your press release to as many services as possible, because the more often you submit your press release, the better your results will be.There are now at least 12 reliable web-based press release services that are free and a few others that charge a fee to have your release published almost instantly.ConclusionIn today’s changing economy, using internet marketing is one of the most important and cost-effective things you can do for your company. Customers no longer turn to the newspaper to find out what is happening in their area, instead, they look for information and news online.Submitting your press release to local news outlets and online news services helps keep your name on the minds of customers and helps them remember why they love to shop, dine, or visit your business.Creating a well-written, newsworthy press releases can also help improve your credibility with search engines and attracts more local searchers to your page which is one of the best ways to bring in new customers and increase profits. This is why allowing an experienced internet marketing firm to create, manage and publish your press release is a smart and savvy strategy for your company.