Publicity – 5 Easy Ways to Create Buzz for Your Business

As a Guerrilla Marketing Coach, I’m always looking for low-cost ways for my clients to get the word out about their business. There are dozens and dozens of ways to create buzz that will get the attention of those you want to reach. Consider trying out some of these easy, no-cost ways of generating publicity for you and your business.1. Donate your Products or ServicesEach year, many private and charitable organizations host events to attract contributions to support their cause. To raise money, they typically auction off products and services donated to them by local business owners. Making a donation is a wonderful way to contribute to something you care about, while at the same time, highlighting you and your business.2. Volunteer to SpeakContact your local chamber of commerce and other community clubs, like the Rotary or Optimists, to volunteer as a speaker. These organizations, and others like them, are always looking for speakers for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings. Create a short, one- or two-page proposal, which includes five to seven speech titles along with a short summary of each and their approximate length. Include a professional biography to complete the package. If you’re asked to be a speaker, your name and company will be advertised in the organization’s newsletter and possibly through press or other news releases throughout the community. It’s great free publicity.3. Offer a Complimentary Consultation or Product Sample.It’s said that the best publicity is that which comes by way of referral or word-of-mouth. If people enjoy what you offer, they’ll tell others about you. People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. One way to begin cultivating that sentiment is by offering complimentary consultations or product samples. Don’t give away the whole store, but give people a taste of what it’s like to do business with you. While not everyone will jump at the opportunity, it’s one of the most effective and fastest ways to create buzz around your business.4. Market Through Voice MailUse your telephone voice mail to advertise your business. Mention upcoming seminars or workshops, how to access your latest free reports, or the upcoming release of your latest book. Keep the message short, friendly, high energy and compelling. This is a great way to publicize your business – for free. Make sure to refresh your message frequently so it reflects your latest and greatest business news.5. Teach a ClassOffer to teach a class, free or fee, through your local community education program. If your class is accepted, it will be published in the course catalog, usually along with a short biography. This course catalog is then distributed throughout your community, which can translate into free publicity to tens of thousands of households. Not only are you gaining credibility by offering a course, but also you’re generating a great deal of visibility – and all at no cost to you!