Reasons Why Having a Job Can Help You Have Better Health

Most of us rely on our jobs to be able to earn a living. Being employed can indeed help us make ends meet. Although we find ourselves struggling to meet our daily needs we couldn’t help but be thankful that we have jobs that enable us to pay the bills and buy everything we need. However, more than just the benefits of earning a monetary compensation having a job can also help us achieve better health. If this sounds new to you, then read further to know how your job can help you have better health.It helps you out of utter poverty.Having a job means having constant income which spares us from many health pitfalls that poverty exposes us to. The CDC states that those people who have jobs and are earning something for a living have better access to health care, healthy diet, exercise, stress management and better ways to manage their chronic pain. Not to mention he fact that being busy at work helps us gain better sleep at night which is also an important part of achieving good health.It provides you access to better health care.Although the Affordable Healthcare for America Act helps many poor people have better access to health care but being employed can no doubt allow people to obtain health insurance that offers better benefits. These insurance plans that employers provide will help make it easier for you to go and consult your health care provider every now and then. Being employed also means you will have constant means to pay for your continuous medication as covered by your health insurance. Add to that the fact that many health insurance programs provide employees with wellness incentives that enable them to avail of discounts to gym memberships, weight loss counseling programs and even smoking cessation programs.It provides opportunities for more social interaction.Studies reveal that those people who have good relationships with other people such as their coworkers and customers are able to live longer. This can be due to the fact that maintaining good social relationships can greatly help people feel satisfied about life as they feel happy and fulfilled in every social interaction. The sense of belongingness is fulfilled when an individual’s social life is active thus leading to greater happiness and longevity.It helps speed up one’s recovery.Being employed can help people recover from their illness faster than those who have been unemployed. This can be attributed to the fact that work allows people to move a lot which gives them opportunity to exercise and to socialize more which also leads people to be happier thus healing becomes inevitable.It gives people a sense of purpose.This is one of the reasons why people of old age still prefer to be working than remain sedentary in their own retirement homes. Having a work helps people feel that they are needed and this gives a feeling of fulfillment to many people. As they continue to work even in old age, they feel that they never lose contact with the world around them despite their old age which greatly help them feel better and ward off any symptoms of serious illnesses.Work not only provides us with the means to pay our bills and buy food for our stomach. It gives us more meaning and purpose in life which is essential towards achieving optimal physical, mental and emotional health.